The token ‘about me’ page


Who the devil am I?

I live and work in Wolverhampton. I’m a Web Developer at Digital Inspirations, a small web design & development agency based in Wolverhampton.

I was originally a designer for print but made the leap across to web design around 1996. Armed with nothing but Claris Homepage, or was it Adobe Pagemill, I fumbled my way through for years gaining valuable knowledge of spacer gifs and more tables than the Education Authority have purchased for our yoof. Then I read my bible and not looked back since.

Now let’s get personal!

When I’m not working, I’m spending time with my children, or trying to get some sleep.


Major building blocks

Stuup is built using a Power Mac G5, BBEdit text editor and Macromedia Fireworks. The site should display as expected on all browsers, but it’s best viewed on Firefox (Deer Park or whatever silly name they come up with next), and Safari on Macs. Yes, I know the site doesn’t look so hot in Internet Explorer 5.5. Browser upgrades are free though!

Now for the geeky bit

This site was originally constructed using WordPress which is quite a well documented and complete blogging system. After a while I wanted to customise things but knowing little PHP I was finding it an uphill struggle. So I plumped for creating my own blogging system using my middleware of choice Lasso, it doesn’t have as many features as WordPress and is quite stripped down but that’s just the way I like it!

Thanks to Mark James for the use of his icons.


This site should be accessible to all browsers and platforms. It has a will also have some sort of style switcher when I can get round to coding it .