Rob dogs!


Just visited SimpleBits and noticed Dan’s new website has been copied already… scum! If you are small brained enough to copy someone’s site, please at least change CSS declarations etc.

Reminds me of a certain website that copied Stop Design not so long back, the name and url elude me but… I’ve suddenly got the words “high five yakshimash” come into my head.

Web Developer Accreditations


I’ve been thinking these last couple of years that we need some sort of government accreditation within our industry. An ISO/BSI accredited certification would give clients more confidence when choosing a suitable web development company.

Kevin Leitch mentioned it a while back and John Oxton has recently brought up the subject again while mulling over the PAS 78 Guide to Good Practice in Commissioning Accessible Websites.

Having read this guide now it gives me extra confidence when I battle against trying to make websites as accessible as possible without compromising the design. But having a particular accreditation would really help to show this to potential clients who aren’t aware of these guidelines.

Is there anything on the horizon so we can all be properly accessed to exterminate the amateurs accredit those who care?