Losing my mojo


Its been a while since I last posted online… I’m trying to work out why that is but I think its a combination of a few things.

When I first started this blog it was around the time of @media 2005 conference. These were exiting times for me, I had just finished reading Jeffrey Zeldman’s Designing with Web Standards and lots of my peers I had discovered in the blogosphere were networking at this and other conferences. The knowledge gained from this book coupled with the speakers papers gave me the extra drive I felt I needed to move forward in my web development career. This was at a time when most of the local Wolverhampton web development companies were still using tables for layout and probably had never heard of CSS Zen Garden and what CSS could do.

I then got myself involved with a local group of geeks who met regularly to discuss new technologies over a few beers, we even organised a few grass root conferences along the way. However my attendance gradually wained because of family commitments and most meets seemingly clashing with Wolves games.

This blog which started nearly a decade ago has seen web design change completely from an industry with no real direction to a set of guides and best practices which everyone should adhere to. But this has had a knock on effect to my enthusiasm for all things web, things just don’t excite me as they did. People getting into the industry now don’t know how easy they have it… or maybe its just my age!

Anyway, this is me saying I’m still here, 10 years older, knocking out websites and that I’ll try to post more meaningless drivel on a regular basis, albeit on a more personal and less web centred basis (:

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