The benefits of Multipackers


Last Saturday was my third Multipack meeting and the numbers are gradually rising. I’ve enjoyed every one of them so far, it’s good to talk to like minded people who know what I’m on about – even if you do get pints thrown at you.

While mulling over certain software people use Ross mentioned that he used NewsFire for his RSS aggregator, it is built by David Watanabe the same guy that gave us Acquisition.

This said I decided to give it a go, I’ve never really been one to use a RSS aggregator – don’t ask me why – as I normally just visit the sites I read in my browser during the course of the day, and clicking on the live bookmarks in Firefox to see if my subscribed feeds have been updated.

Using NewsFire has made me much more productive as I don’t spend time going to sites I’ve read three times previously that day. NewsFire will just politely tell me when a new article has been posted.

Yeah and before you say I knew the principles of aggregators I just didn’t think one of the benefits would be less distractions.

Thanks Ross, it’s good this tinternet isn’t it?

Nobody told me!


It takes me a while to make a decision, so I spent a long time finding the right bike. I must have gone to 5 bike shops and looked on every online shop selling bikes but knowbody mentioned anything about getting used to this new culinary diet.

Why so many gnats/greenfly have to end up in my mouth I don’t know. Well today was the record I must have ate at least 10 of the little bleeders, I still found room to eat my tea when I got home from work though!