Get you’re geek on!


Fancy a day full of geeked out fun where you can bring the family and they can see what you get up to at all these meets you go to? Then Geek in the Park might appeal to you…

Geek in the Park is a day-long get together, picnic, and discussion for anyone to do with the Internet (developers, designers, programmers… whatever!). This is a very informal affair so family and friends are very much welcome to attend too.

The big day is taking place in Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. Split in to two main events, Geek in the Park starts with The Picnic during the day, followed by The Discussion in the evening. The event starts on Sunday at noon and everything should wrap up by around 11pm.

Trevor Morris has done a sterling job of organising this event along with Andy Higgs and a few others from the Multipack they have created a website for the event which wouldn’t look out of place in anybodies portfolio, go check it out, digg the comments pool, these guys/gals are the dogs.

Anyways the day will be full of fun & frolics where like minded people can meet and discuss the latest web technologies or just play Frisbee™. The night will be spent in a nearby pub, where a discussion will be headed by Patrick H Lauke and Bruce Lawson called ‘Where the rubber meets the road: Web Accessibility and Pragmatism.’

Don’t forget that this is a totally FREE event. See you there!

There is a god!


Justice! Portugal are out. Commentators are berating their style of play and sportsmanship, the crowd were booing Ronaldo from the kick off, he was crying at the end. Carvalho is out of the third place game and gave away the penalty.

Would I be called greedy to have wished France to have gone on to score a goal when Ricardo came up for a corner?

Roll on Euro 2008, hope we meet you Portugal!