The Web Design Survey


The results from The Web Design Survey 2007 have been translated and it makes for some very interesting reading.

Here are some things that have surprised me.

I always thought it was a young mans game. Young man being male/female 18-25 years old. Looks like there is a few years left in this old dog.
Maybe this is based on me being in the West Midlands, UK but 1 in 5 of my peers isn’t female.
Geographic region
There was 20% answered from the EU (except the UK) and 11.2% from the UK. There seemed to be a high percentage of people who answered from the UK compared to the EU, maybe this was a language issue.
Type of organisation
I was surprised to see about a quarter of people are either self-employed or freelance, that seems quite high for any industry
Years at current job
Looks like people move around often, I’m in the 3.6%

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