If you’re feeling generous


Andy Higgs has built a site to try to clear his monstrous debt. If you’re feeling generous you can donate as much or as little as you want.

Now I know what you’re thinking “it’s his fault his debt is as large as it is!” or “the money he’ll earn having been to University will pay it off” but knowing Andy I doubt the £12k was spent on debauchery and every donation helps however small it is.

Of course if he does clear his debt from donations I expect him to donate the extra to another charity, like the Multipack beer fund 😉

I nailed my spam!


Finally I’ve had a couple of hours to sort some code out to block the lovely spammers out there. I’ve tried implementing a few clever bizarre ways but each one never seemed to work.

I’ve now implemented the lovely Akismet plug-in and it works a treat, because I use Lasso there wasn’t an actual plug-in I could bolt on so I based my code on Jason Huck’s implementation, kudos to Owen Gregory for pointing me to the source code.

Now I can focus on actually blogging, won’t that be fun for you!

So far, so good. Fancy seeing if you’re a dirty spammer?