Doing my bit for the environment


I’ve recently bought a bike to cycle to work with the intention of getting rid of my beer gut. Since starting to cycle to work I’ve become quite conscience about how I’m not contributing to the pollution levels and feel I’m doing my bit for our planet – don’t worry I won’t be hijacking any whaling boats in the Antarctic.

Apart from dodging the White Van Men and Chelsea Tractors it’s been quite easy to get into considering I’ve not cycled for 15 years. I would recommend it to anyone who sits behind a computer all day and doesn’t get much exercise.

Is it just coincidence?


I’m a Wolves fan! There you go it’s out in the open, I feel a lot better.

Now on to the real reason for this post…

We’ve had some promising results of late and looked as if we would seise that last playoff spot. So on season ticket deadline day I decided to renew my ticket saving a few quid in the “Early Bird” scheme – a couple of people I know didn’t renew theirs the season we were promoted and got stung by an increase of £200+.

So am I cynical or is it just coincidence that the last two games after this deadline we’ve lost and put in arguably the worst performances all season.

Still, could be worse, I could support Derby County 😉