Vote for something important!


There has been lots of talk recently about the rip-off prices for football tickets in this country, the Football Supporter’s Federation are currently campaigning to reduce these cost, their principal aims are:

  • Universal away ticket price of no more than £15 for all Premier League (FAPL) games with £10 for concessions.
  • A three-season freeze of prices at 2006/7 season levels for both season tickets and individual match tickets for seasons 2007/8-2009/10 imposed by FAPL rule. Encouragement of clubs to cut ticket prices in cash terms over and above the freeze, particularly at the low end.
  • The facility fee received for all FAPL televised matches to be used to subsidise tickets prices for all attending those matches.

Their main objective is – …to ensure that football again becomes the “people’s game”. Prices across the board in this country are absurd.

Show your support by signing their supporters’ online petition today, and even if you don’t give two hoots about football, go sign it anyway, may help reduce the amount of money I’ll have to pay in the future.

They never cease to amuse


Overhearing my two sons at dinner yesterday the conversation went;

Youngest – When we bought our house how did they carry it, did they use a big lorry?

Eldest – No don’t be silly, this house was here when we moved in, we moved because our old house was messy.