I nailed my spam!


Finally I’ve had a couple of hours to sort some code out to block the lovely spammers out there. I’ve tried implementing a few clever bizarre ways but each one never seemed to work.

I’ve now implemented the lovely Akismet plug-in and it works a treat, because I use Lasso there wasn’t an actual plug-in I could bolt on so I based my code on Jason Huck’s implementation, kudos to Owen Gregory for pointing me to the source code.

Now I can focus on actually blogging, won’t that be fun for you!

So far, so good. Fancy seeing if you’re a dirty spammer?

2 thoughts on “I nailed my spam!

  1. Akismet is ace. I’ve had it working on my WordPress installation for most of this year and claims to have caught 30,009 comments (250 in the last day).

    Rarely does it miss the spambots.

  2. Akismet rocks. Running it on my partner’s WordPress blog and it works a treat. It’s definitely among the best anti-comment spam tools I’ve seen. I’ll be implementing it on mine, when I get round to updating the damn thing…

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