Oh dear


While researching what treatment is best for our youngests’ ear infection I went to the NHS Direct self-help website, I noticed they have a Langugages section. Don’t ask me why but I clicked on the Korean link to then be served a bunch of images for the text. It’s no different for all the other languages, is this how our hard earned money is being spent?

Right I’m off to care for him, shocking really isn’t it?

One thought on “Oh dear

  1. That is appalling. So much for accessibility and usability. What a thoughtless thing to do. They obviously put the effort into translating the content. Why create images? Surely visitors to the site will be using computers that support their own languages and character sets? OK, it can be difficult and time-consuming to test, but it must have taken a while to create all those image files! This slipshod approach makes me angry. Grr.

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