Who was your first?


I first used an RM Nimbus at school with Pagemaker 2 but I can’t really count that as I didn’t know what I was doing on it.

So discounting the above my first computer was the Macintosh II vx, a lovely little beast that was the blame for my love of Macs.

What was your first and do you look back in fondness?

2 thoughts on “Who was your first?

  1. My first computer ever was an anonymous Intel 386 I got about 15 years ago when I was about 7.

    But my first REAL computer was actually my first Mac: a PowerBook I bought two years ago.

    Now, I keep wondering what I had used before…they weren’t computers, they were just dull little boxes… 😉


    Found you through Steve P. Sharpe’s website. 🙂

  2. Well, if you’re counting your first encounter with a computer that got you hooked, I’d have to name and shame that damned Commodore 64 my dad got when I was 8! There were a few games on there that got me interested at first but I then thought I should try making a game as well. That’s when I started developing/programming.

    We then got our first PC in 1991 compliments of my (then rich) uncle from Japan.

    If you’re talking first piece of kit that I personally owned, it would have to be my trusty Fujitsu my Dad bought me before I went to uni in 1999. It’s still in operation down in Aberystwyth keeping my sis-in-law busy with her uni coursework and is about to receive the WiFi upgrade. God bless that PC – we’ve had some journeys over the last 6 years or so. *sob*

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